What is South East Texas Pescador?

Pescador is Spanish for "Fisherman."  When Jesus called upon the First Disciples, He performed a miraculous catch of fish after the fishermen had been unsuccessful.  The fishers were astonished by the miracle as a demonstration of the presence of God, which was the first step in understanding who Jesus is. Jesus calls the common fishermen to leave everything and become his disciples as "Fishers of Men." In Luke 5:10, Jesus tells Simon, "Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching men." Catching men as "Fishers of men" builds on the analogy of catching fish. It means bringing people into the kingdom of God, and into a relationship with Jesus.

Here at South East Texas Pescadore we want you to have a renewed passion to build the kingdom of God. We want you to become Pescadors (or Pescadoras’ on the ladies weekend).

South East Texas Pescador (SETP) empowers teenagers to become Christian servant leaders in their community of influence.

SETP explores basic Christian beliefs to provide those who attended the weekend the opportunity to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ and with the opportunity to share His love in a dynamic way.

SETP gives young people the tools to become Christian servant leaders in their community.

SETP is also a chance for Young Men and Women to connect with other Christian Youth from their Community.