Community Spiritual Director for SETVN
Community Spiritual Director for Grace Gulf Coast Tres Dias
Pastor at Greenvine Baptist Church
Married 40 years to Karen Hebert Faulkner
4 Children
8 Grand Children

Executive director of Sandy Creek Bible Camp
Pastor at Brookwood Bible Church
Graduated from LeTourneau University 1976
Greg Ceballos
Greg Ceballos President
I am the customer service manager for Taylor Morrison and Darling Homes. My queen Lisa, for almost 25 years, sons Gregory and Gavin, and princess Olivia worship our mighty God at Faith Church in Houston. I was blessed to attend SETTD #13 and I have been honored to serve on numerous SETTD, GGCTD and all of the SETVN weekends. My heart is for the youth. My family is a product of this fabulous movement we call VN. I am very eager for my daughter Olivia to turn 15 to attend a weekend. It has been my distinct honor to serve on the board of VN as Vice President, Leaders Committee, and President over the years. I adore the Vida Nueva ministry because it shows our youth, which is our future, the love of Jesus Christ. Never ending unconditional love! De Colores! “Train up a child in the way he should go: even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6
Chad Carroll
Chad Carroll Vice President
My name is Chad Carroll, I attended Southeast Texas Tres Dias #21 where I sat at the table of John. My wife and I worship and serve at Magnolia Bible Church in Magnolia, Texas. We have two fur children named Ace and Bailey. I work for Ditch Witch of Houston where I am the service manager. My first weekend to serve in VN was weekend #10 where I served as a Kitchen CHA. Over the years I have seen the impact God has made on teenagers lives through this ministry. Anyone that has been through a Tres Dias weekend says "I wish I had something like this when I was younger, if I did, then maybe my path would have been a little different." Vida Nueva is that three day experience for youth that can show them what it means to be a Christian servant leader in their community. My heart for serving in this ministry is to just walk alongside these youth through their Faith journey and to let them know that their current situation doesn't have to dictate their future.
Corrine Duncan
Corrine Duncan Corresponding Secretary
I attended South East Texas Tres Dias (adult like version of VN) #15 where I sat at the Table of Elizabeth. My daughters and I worship at Real Life Ministries in Tomball Texas. My first VN weekend to serve was #4 and I have returned to serve every weekend since except for one. I have twin 19 year old twin girls, Bre and Maddy, that have both also attended Vida Nueva weekends and have continued to serve each and every weekend. This ministry is very special and close to our hearts. It has grown us and continues to grow us and bring us yet closer to God. We are blessed that we get to be a part of this ministry in being a part of this Board, its weekends and this community. This is where we hear God so clearly and are reminded of who He is as we get to witness how He works in each of the youth that attend and serve as well as the adults. This community is like no other in its support for each other. It has been a crucial support system for my girls as they have navigated some tragedies and just being a teenager. I thank God for this ministry and allowing us to be a part of it. I thank God this is available for our youth today and the opportunity for them to attend a weekend and feel God’s love surrounding them and to be able to take a deep breath and know they are loved and Precious!
AprilDawn Wells
AprilDawn Wells Recording Secretary
Hello! My name is AprilDawn Wells. I attended SETTD #20 where I sat at the table of Esther. I am the recording secretary for the SETVN board. I also serve with my amazing Knight as the pre-weekend couple. I love being the hands and feet of Christ by blessing others with a servant heart and a love like Jesus. My Knight and I worship and serve at Magnolia Cowboy Church. I am honored to work there full time as the volunteer ministry and event coordinator.
Lisa Ceballos
Lisa Ceballos Treasurer
I attended SETTD #14 and my family & I worship at Faith church, Houston. We recently moved out to Hempstead and are loving the slower paced ‘country life’. I am originally from London, UK and immigrated here in 1991. I became a USA citizen 7 yrs ago. My husband, Greg, & I have been married for almost 25 yrs and have 3 wonderful children together. Our Heavenly Father has given children & young adults a special placed in my heart. I have been on leadership at Community Bible Study for the last 6 years as a Children’s teacher and have been on a few mission trIps to Colombia, ministering to young girls. I have been serving the VN community since weekend #5 and I love love love serving our youth. It has been humbling & a honor to watch our youth come to a weekend, participate and grow closer to our Lord & savior, Jesus Christ. To witness our youth grow into christian leaders in their communities is definitely a high light of my journey with VN. De Colores!
Mark DeCordova
Mark DeCordova At-Large
My name is Mark DeCordova. My wife Kristie and I attended South East Texas Tres Dias #18. We worship and serve at Restoration Church. I first served VN weekend #6 and six other weekends. Serving a VN weekend IS experiencing the hands, feet and heart of Jesus at work! We have witnessed many young men and young women’s lives transformed forever by God’s love. We have also been blessed to watch these youth develop the servant heart’s to become leaders in this community, their schools and in their church. Thank you Jesus!
Tim Williamson
Tim Williamson At-Large
My name is Timothy Williamson, I currently serve at Church Project North County which is located in Conroe Texas, I attended SETVN #5 where I sat at the Table of Stephen. I have had the honor of being The Youth Rector on SETVN Weekend #10. I have been very blessed to be apart of such a Christ centered community and can not wait to see what God has in store for the future South East Texas Vida Nueva and this community.
Orlando Munive
Orlando Munive At-Large
Hello my name is Orlando Munive aka Big O. I attended Grace Gulf Coast Tres #5 where I sat at the table of Luke. My children and I attend and serve at Grace Church Houston. I am a divorced single dad with 3 adult children; Felicia, Yadira and Orlando III (Lil O) and 2 grandchildren Bryan and Aliana. I am blessed to have all my children attend either SETVN or Tres Dias weekend. I am also blessed and humbled to be part this community that loves the Lord and has a huge heart for children as much as I do. Being on the board as an At Large member for SETVN will give me an opportunity have a better outlook on the spiritual foundation of the ministry and its direction. I believe that our direction should always point towards Our Lord Jesus Christ first, treat each other intentionally with love and respect and all will fall perfectly into place. Thank you.
Jennifer Dunlap
Jennifer Dunlap At-Large
Hi, my name is Jennifer Dunlap. I attended Grace Gulf Coast Tres Dias #5. My husband’s name is Bobby and my 4 children are Jayden, Shaylyn, Jordan and Jacob. I live in Pearland, TX. I am blessed to work as a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines. I currently serve on the board of SETVN and Space City Tres Dias. My weekend blessed me and I wanted to give back the love and support that was given to me by serving. From my Tres weekend I learned there was a youth weekend called SETVN. My husband and I were excited to have our 4 teens go through a VN weekend. I have had the privilege of serving many youth weekends starting from SETVN #9. I was able to see God restore so many hearts, minds, futures and lives on these weekends. We were able to help teach the youth the love of Jesus by being the hands and feet of Christ. This ministry has been a blessing to our whole family.
Tommy Hicks
Tommy Hicks Youth At Large
My name is Tommy Hicks. I attended SETVN #11 where I sat at the table of Daniel. I worship and serve at Fellowship Bible Church in Pearland Texas, and I am honored to be a Youth at Large for this community. I am a senior in high school and I take dual credit classes at San Jac, and I plan to graduate in the spring with my associate degree. This community has given me many opportunities to be a leader and to show others who Jesus Christ is. I have a 3rd degree black belt from Al Garza’s Premier Martial Arts and I am an martial arts instructor for them. I have the great honor to be the youth rector for SETVN #16, and I can’t wait to lead by example and to love others like HE loves us.

"Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 ESV.
Jaydn Hayes
Jaydn Hayes Youth At Large
Hello, my name is Jayden Hayes! I attended South East Texas Vida Nueva #8 where I sat at the table of David. I, with my amazing parents and wonderful siblings worship at Fellowship Bible Church in Pearland, Texas. I currently serve on the board of South East Texas Vida Nueva. I am also grateful to be an employee of HydroChem PSC as an LDAR Technician, under the company my dad works for, DOW.

I had first attended the weekend after my parents had told me about an awesome ministry similar to Tres Dias, the ministry they had been attending for a long while. Leaving out very little, I went out on the weekend event and could not believe the amount of love and care a ministry could have for us and our Father God. After the weekend I made a promise to serve in the ministry and have since then been apart of it! I serve to help show the same love and care I received over my weekend, and help them back or into the path of faith for our Father and Jesus Christ. I love every bit of it, and am very grateful!
Trey Smith
Trey Smith Youth At Large